Battle of Wyoming 2009
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The Battle of Wyoming Events is no doubt one of the truly fun events of our summer; even though at this event we portray Tories.
Taking the field for the dark side isn't all that bad because we get to really test our woodland skills, get great exercise and have a great time especially with the public immersion events.

This year we succeeded in taking American women captive capturing a "Flag" and eluding the Wyoming army forces for about 2 hrs without firing a shot.
A great time had by all. Attending: Jim, Rick, Bill, Bob & Diane, & Chuck Harris

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001-Selin's Camp 002 Will's Horn 003-The Selin Horn 004 Our Camp
Selin's Camp Will's Horn "The Selin Horn" Our Camp
005Friday Evening 006 Table 007Somebody forgot t#50007 008 Saturday Morning
Friday Evening Table Somebody forgot to shave Saturday Morning
009 Will & torry Lad#50009 010 We as Loyalist! 011 Battle Plans 012Which to use?
Will & torry lad build fire We as Loyalist! Battle Plans Which to use?
013 Ranger Rick 015 Thick Brush get-away 016 Will clubbing Foe? 017 Meeting with the#50016
Ranger Rick Thick Brush get-away Willy clubbing Foe???? Meeting with the 24th
018 Bob is cooking! 019Saturday Evening 020 Sunday on patrol 021 Jimbo & Bill
Bob is cooking? Saturday Evening Sunday on patrol Jimbo & Bob on trail
022 On Scout 023 Will takes cover 025Bob draws a bead 027 Bob's Captive fr#50024
On Scout Will takes cover Bob draws a bead Bob's Captive

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