White Marsh Encampment 230th
November 3rd & 4th 2007

White Marsh Encampment 230th Anniversary at Hope Lodge , Ft Washington , PA was a very good event and it was the first time we participated.The weather was cold & windy but beside that all added up to a good time. Since it represented a 1777 event we attended as Ottendorff''s Corps.

Men at arms: Pvt. Bill Baldwin.
Saturday':Sgt of the Rifle Corps: Jim Filipski

Sunday: Captain of the Light Infantry and Rifle Corps Jim Filipski

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Hope Lodge by Day Hope Lodge by night Our procured "Torry " Table Brits are good at some things!
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Jim feed fire and cooks Fridays supper 18th Century stew Bill stokes his pipe
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Rifle Corps around fire Fireside chat Saturdays Battle Bill draws a bead
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Rifle Corps Targets Long range fighting Bill fires
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Rifle Corps Table of the day! Captain Gorecki Bill slices a quince

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