White Plains NY. Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Grand Recon. 225th
7/ 22-23/06
This Event was unique in that the camps were in the middle of an un-mowed field with the grass being
about two feet high...not to mention the size of the spiders! The weather was very warm and wet but still it was a
grand time especially since we won three out of four battles against the British and the fourth was a draw. Very satisfying indeed.

Our members at arms; Lieutenant: Jim Filipski, Corporal: Rick Valent, Pvts.: John Malachowsky and Bill Baldwin.

01rifleCorps 02Officers 03AmLine
Part of the Rifle Corps Officers of Rifle Corps (art) American Line
04britline 05John-Brits2 06Rick-AmericanLine
British Line John facing the Highlanders Rifle Corps on Ridge
John against the odds!

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