Whitpain October 2005

The one big event of the year that we were to attend turned into a major washout due to a part of a hurricane sitting right over us. We all got there and set up dry but by evening the rain and winds started and as we all know, the "Big" event was cancelled.

Friday evenings meal was eaten in a light rain- we were still hoping for a good event. But during the night the winds and heavy rain started and tents were being taken down by "Mother Nature". Dave's tent went down and once he was reset in the midst of the storm we all were lucky to reset our tent pegs which were being pulled out of the ground by the winds.
By Saturday morning we weren't having fun. Many just stayed in their tents.
Special thanks to the 3rd PA Lights for us being able to crowd under their dining fly and grab some coffee and sausage & eggs!
By 10 AM we got the word to pull out, however we couldn't bring vehicles into the camp because of the mud. So began the many long hauls of equipment to the vehicles. At least we didn't miss out on the exercise!
Too bad..... it was going to be a terrific event!

Roll for men at arms: Senior officer- Steve Collward, Dave Fancher, Rick Valent,
Jim Filipski- Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion Rifle Corps

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