Resources for the Recruits

being a compendium of Sutlers & Craftmen,
dispenseing Military wares and services of the highest quality

Quality Sutlery plus Fineries

Najecki Reproductions
G Gedney Godwin

Quality Materials and Tailoring Supplies

Burnley and Trowbridge
Carolina Calicoes
Wooded Hamlet Designs
Wm. Booth Draper


Military Musket Repairs and Restorations, etc.


Pedersoli Reproduction British 2nd Model Brown Bess and French 1766 Charleville Muskets

Jim Chambers, Flintlocks Limited
Semi Custom Flintlock rifle and fowler kits

Cabin Creek
Flintlock Rifles, Fowlers, etc.

Soldier's Supplies & 18thC hardware

Avalon Forge- John White, proprietor

Canvas & Camp Equipage

The Tentsmiths

Additional Sutlers & those selling speciality items

Trail Head.... riflemen shirts & frocks

James Townsend & Son

Smiling Fox Forge



No Credit Check Payday Loans