Captain Selin's Company
School of the Soldier
May 11th & 12th , 2007

On May 11th & 12th 2007 Selin's Company held it's Annual School of the Soldier At Newtown Battlefield State Park in Elmira, NY
We were very fortunate to be able to stay in the Indian Camp and utilize the log cabins as our shelter for the evening. The weather was perfect and we had a really great time training for the upcoming season.
The Unit now has 2 more members wearing our early war 1777 campaign uniform and we are starting to see more military small clothes among the unit. It was a delight to see some finely tuned kits among all those present including our newest recruit!
We had 11 men at arms taking part this year and one camp follower. One of the men was from Morgan's Rifle Company ( B.A.R.) who joined us for the day

Captain Selin's Company Men-at- Arms:
Present.... Sgt. Steve Collward, Corpl. Jim Filipski: Pvts. Bill Baldwin, Rick Valent, Don Warner, Tim Traver, Kevin Traver, John Malachowsky, Bob Recher: Volunteer: "Eric"
Attached : Gene Bono ( Morgan's Rifle Co. )
Camp Follower: Pat Malachowsky

2007 School of the Soldier Photo Gallery

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