General Hand's Estate, Rockford Plantation

Touring General Hand's Estate at Rockford was an extra special part of the weekend. Some of us were fortunate to see it at night by candlelight. One could almost imagine the family going about their life in the 18th Century while we look through a window into their world.
The portable writing desk is no doubt the desk General Hand wrote his letters on to Captain Selin in that winter of 1778-79 when he and Captain's Selin and Schott were manning their outposts in the Minisink area of NY at Dewitt's and Decker's forts.
The Kaufman Collection of fine original Pennsylvania Longrifles ....well it speaks for itself! Those that attended this event will long remember this special weekend.

001General Hand's Study 002GenHand'sPortable#20002 003Nameplate 004GuncollectionA
General Hand's Study GenHand'sPortable writing desk Nameplate GuncollectionA
005GunCollectionB 006SilverMountedBeck-c0006 007GunCollectionC 008CollectionA
GunCollectionB SilverMountedBeckRifle GunCollectionC CollectionA
009CollectionB 010CollectionC 011Rick-Beck 012RickwithsilverMou#20012
CollectionB CollectionC JPBeck Rick-SilverMountedBeck
Order of the Cincinatti

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