Rockford Plantation Lancaster, PA -Sept 2009
The Rockford Plantation event started out looking very wet. Heavy rains the night before and during the day
Friday, caused us to have to pack in and pack out (reminiscent of Boone 08!). while the walk in and out of camp wasn't as far it sure set the stage for disappointment. However the Re-enactors held firm and it became a great event despite the rains

Selin's Company planned on a formal dress dinner at the Horse Tavern in town. dressed in our finest we headed out to have a great meal and to meet Bob Recher's daughter Sarah whom he hasn't seen in 5 years. So we will start our photo gallery with a few pics from the dinner and then lead into the event. Rockford is always a great place to be. We had a great time falling in with the combined Rifle Corps. The battles were hot and furious. & the Saturday Night festivities provided by the fine Rockford Site volunteers, who made it all happen, were especially enjoyable. Even though we came home damp, the great memories of the event are still in our minds!
We ended up with lots of picture for the event as you will notice.

Attending: Bob & Diane Recher, Will Baldwin, Rick Valent, Matt Moore & Jim Filipski ( Lieut., Rifle Corps)

I trust that those who provided the images will not mind that I took a few to make into digital Artwork

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001 002 002a 002b
at the Horse Inn pass the Cheesecake Jim, Diane & Bob morning camp
002c 003 004 005
morning camp riflemen Rifle Corps assembles Rifles marching into the battle
006 007 008 009
Rifles advance Forming the line rifles engage picking their targets
010 011 012 013
Lieut. adjust line Militia advance rifle line advance again
014 015 016 017
Hessian's discover our plan we are routed into the range of the highlanders enemy lines
018 019 020 021
hessian jaegers Brit Line Rifles retreat Hessian advance

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