Old Mill Village 18th Century Weekend
August 7th & 8th 2004

The event went smoothly, The "piggy" was delicious ( thank you OMVM), and for the first time
in a number of years the weather was "cool".
Temperatures actually dropped into the upper 40's on Friday night.

Again, members of Selin's Company had the chance to go back in history to the
French & Indian War and get to play French woodsman in the every popular
"Woodland Attack 1757" scenario.
We also changed sides for the Revolutionary War Event by playing our
alter ego- "Captain Phillips' Loyal Forresters"

Oh, need I mention Saturday evenings firing of the
7 inch field mortar ( fresh from it's appearance after shaking the Plains of Abraham in Quebec)

Steve Collward, Brian Plyter, Chuck Plant, Jim Filipski, Chuck Harris Dave Fancher, Patrick McHugh, Don Warner

View some pictures of our Company at this event.

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