Old Mill Village Museum's
18th Century Weekend
August 10th & 11th, 2003

Although the threat of rain filled the air and many did not show- the weekend was beautiful
( except for the sudden monsoon during Saturdays Rev War Battle)!
For those that stayed- a treat of slow roasted pig , evening dancing and night time cannon fireing.

Morning gun! Steve fires our 2Pdr, "Somme Beau"

Steve, David & Chuck advance on the enemy......
The humidty was so high after the rain on Saturday...

the cannon smoke hung on the battlefied forever giving us the feeling of "the fog of war"


Brighter Skies! ...Forming up for Sunday's Rev War event- Steve & Dave are on the gun crew!

Then the Parade





Jim actually gets to take part this year ( well, for a short while)!









During the French and Indian War Woodland Attack many of Selin's Company
went back in time to 1755 to take part in this scenerio

Looks like Steve is trying to get Jack's autograph!
He was one of the stars of the Woodland attack!

Returns for this event: 5 men at arms
Steve Collward
Brian Carpenter
Dave Fancher
Jim Filipski
Chuck Plant
Also attending: Karen Filipski
and guest Kyle Shostik

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