Old Mill Village Museum's 18th Century Weekend
August 13th &14th 2005

This years event was a bit different then in previous years. For the Revolutionary War part of the weekend a Court Martial scenario was developed which was to be divided into three segments. A soldier insulting an officer lead to a military Court Martial where the soldier was found guilty of the main charge but also it was discovered he may have been a spy. The final part was his death by firing squad in which some of our unit were in the burial detail. It was a really different type of show for the public to see. Also our men had a good time in stepping back in time for the French & Indian War part of the event. In camp, good show & tells for the public. After Saturdays roast pork dinner we had a nice display of fireworks by Forrest Taylor of Cannons on line despite the evening rains.

Roll for men at arms: Commanding,-Steve Collward, Brian Plyter, Dave Fancher, Chuck Harris, Don Warner, Tim Traver, Kevin Traver, Rick Valent- Jim Filipski-(military liaison for OMVM) Distaff-Kathy Plyter, Karen Filipski-(assisting OMVM)

Saturday morning- American Camp- artwork

Rick and the Dragoons guard bridge

Jim & Steve by original bronze gun

Woodland Fighters -F&I War -artwork

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