The 225th Anniversary of The Battle of Newtown
August 27th, 28th & 29th 2004

The Weather was hot, the Battles were many, and our memories are fond.
Any time we do battle on the original hallowed ground it is GOOD!

Beating the British is good, even right down to catching the second from the last bus back to camp
when they thought they had us out-smarted by marching to the end of the road to get on before us.
The terror in their faces as one of the last buses drove past made the perfect end to the weekend.

We like to thank Jason E. Warner
for being our "behind enemy lines" photographer during the event
Jeff Richards of The Star-Gazette, Elmira NY
for the use of the images he took of Friday's March re-creation

Steve Collward, Brian Plyter, Jim Filipski, Chuck Plant, Chuck Harris, Tim Traver, Dave Fancher
Patrick McHugh, Steve Bilitsky, Jim Radin, Don Warner, Lee Smigiel, Tim Buehler

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