Battle of Newtown, August 2007

This year's Battle of Newtown was held August 24th &25th 2007. In the past this has always been one of our most well attend events for the unit. However this year our numbers were down due to some members having family or other obligations. The weather was beautiful and the rifle Corps woodland camp was excellent. Paul Perine did a great job of setting up the event. The Feast and evening entertainment was well received however a number of us found that the entertainment in the Rifle Corps camp rivaled that which was at the lodge. Good food & beverages along with spirited conversations both evenings was well enjoyed by those attending. Thank you, Don Warner, for the great venison steak breakfast on Saturday morning!
Scenarios, as usual, were heavily modified by our British friends but they were enjoyable. Steve got to bring out "Somme Beau" his light 3 Pdr gun. Even though it is on a Naval Carriage and not easily moved it did great execution to advancing British and Loyalist targets.
One on the best parts was Sunday's advance of American forces through the woodland village. One could almost envision how this must have been 228 years ago.

Captain Selin's Independent Rifle Company
Men at Arms in attendance:
Captain Of Rifle Corps: Jim Filipski
Captain of Artillery & 1st Lieutenant of Rifle Corps: Steven Collward
1st Sergeant: David Fancher
Corporal: Don Warner
Pvts, Bill Baldwin, Tim Traver, Kevin Traver, Lee Smigle, John Malachowsky, Bob Recher
Camp Followers: Pat Malachowsky

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Somme Beau Waiting the Brit advance Art Officers
05 06 08 09
Brandt's Horde Woodlands Waiting on the path On the Path
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Art Bill & Bob Moving Through Village Our advance
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The Chace Push out the Loyalist At The Fortification Fortifications

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