Battle of Newtown, Elmira NY 8/26-27/06
The Annual Battle of Newtown was great as always. We had our usual full company attendance. Heavy rain played a big role
in the event but we still managed to get each day's battles in.

Men at Arms: Captain: Jim Filipski, Lieutenant: Steve Collward, Corporal: Dave Fancher, Pvts.: Chuck Plant, Don Warner,
Rick Valent, Tim Traver, Kevin Traver, John Malachowsky, Bill Baldwin, Jim Radin, Lee Smigle & special
guest Mike Cecere
Camp Followers: Pat Malachowsky
01 02 03
Form up Selin's Company Officers discuss deployment
04 05 06
What tune should we play? Battalion Woodland fighting for public
07 08 09
Fashion Show Camp "Art" Our Oneida Scout (art)

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