Battle of Newtown August 27th & 28th 2005

As the long hot summer wore on and gas prices became an issue, add to that a big Southern Department event close on the heels. Newtown was not as well attended by Continentals this season. We of course always have a good showing for the event and when our unit came together we had the largest American Company on the field! ( at times the "only").

Despite the lack of forces we all had a good time and still managed to do about three scenarios per day. A few highlights: the Americans finally got the flag! And our courier ( Kevin Traver) got through the British lines and safely back to camp, capturing more points for the Continentals. We got to show off our new uniforms in the Military fashion show both days. Showing a good contrast of our unit as it was in 1777 and what it was in 1779 by the time of the Battle of Newtown.

Saturday evenings Tavern & Singing were great. As always Newtown is a good time.

Roll of men at arms: Commanding, Steve Collward, Jim Filipski, Brian Plyter, Chuck Plant, Dave Fancher, Chuck Harris, Don Warner, Rick Valent, Jim Radin, Lee Smigle, Tim Traver, Kevin Traver, Keith Levanway. Distaff- Kathy Plyter

Kevin Traver poses with Michael Grenier, Commander of the British forces,
& Terry Glasier, Commander of the Continental forces. Kevin made it through the enemy lines!

Some down time between battles.

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