Mount Vernon September 2007
The Continental Line's 20th Anniversary
On September 28th & 29th The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Continental Line was held at Mount Vernon, VA
We had one brave Member who made the long trip from his home in Connecticut to represent our unit in this special event.
Thank you , Bill Baldwin. As you may see from the pictures he sent us for our unit website, Although he was all alone he sure had a great time. I would have loved to have been there!
A-Friday-Supper At-the-Old-Tomb Batallion-Parade His-Excellency-with-staff
Friday-Supper At the Old Tomb Batallion Parade His Excellency with staff
Officer-at-work Officers-confer Rifle-officer-and-Private Sentry-at-the-Headquarters
Officer at work. Officers confer Rifle officer and Private Sentry at the Headquarters
Washington's Sentry

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