The 227th Anniversay of the Battle of Monmouth, NJ
June 18th & 19th 2005

This event was the first Battlefield event for two of our new recruits. Due to uneven numbers in forces we fought with the
British for both days so It was a unique experience for all of us and we got to met some really nice folks during the weekend. The previous months training session came in handy for marching & drilling in the British Line.

Monmouth is usually considered a very "hot" weather event but amazingly it actually got chilly on Friday night under clear skys.

Men present for duty: Patrick McHugh, Rick Valent, and Keith Levanway. Jim Filipski, Commanding
Add'l troops: John Catafumo

01-Evening_Meal 02-Rick_Prepares_Supper 03-Almost_Done 04-Friday_Sunset
Evening_Meal Rick_Prepares_Supper Almost_Done Friday_Sunset
05-Marching _into _th#0005 06-And_onto-the_Field 07-Brit_LIne 08-American_Line
Marching _into _the_park And_onto-the_Field British_LIne American_Line
09-From_begind_Brit_Line 10-WeeLaddies-a 11-WeeLaddies-b 12-American_Charge-a
From_behind_Brit_Line Wee Laddies Wee Laddies American_Charge
13-American_Charge-b 14-Marching_back_To _Camp 15-Salute_a 16-Salute_b
American_Charge Marching_back_To _Camp Salute Salute
17-Discussing_Battle 18-Patrick_Snoozes 19-Some_social_time
Discussing_Battle Patrick_Snoozes Some_social_time

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