Photos taken during the 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth
June 28th &29th 2003

Most of our time was spent waiting early on in the battle. The sounds echoed around us.
When it was our turn, we marched across the wide expanse of grassy fields and rows of corn.
We were to hold the Orchard but from our vantage point the best of the battle raged out of our sight....but we were glad to play our part!

British Retreat


2nd North Carolina Fire Volley in background as Morgan's Riflemen form to their left


Morgan's Colors on the hill at the Cherry Orchard


Highlanders close in


Near the orchard, Steve waits for a target of opportunity




4th Lt Dragoons, I believe....
Thanks for your help in the Orchard!








Finally we get our chance at the main battleground.... That's a lot of red out there!


We did a good bit of waiting behind the lines

And Back at camp

Hey, where's Jim?
Behind the camera?


Return to Captain Selin's Headquarters



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