A soldier of Ottendorff's Corps
Spring, 1777

Selin's Independent Company (Continental Line/ Northern Dept.) is named after Capt. Anthony Selin, a European who was commissioned a Captain in the Continental Army on December 10, 1776. We are a small group of re-enactors from New York and Pennsylvania who are dedicated in depicting 18th Century Military life during the American War for Independence. We attend Revolutionary War re-enactments throughout the northeast primarily between the months of May to October. Our web site offers a detailed description of clothing and equipment requirements and safety regulations. Please read thoroughly and if you have questions, write or call.

What we are and are not: We are not an extension of the Buckskinning/Rendezvous hobby. Many of our members started out in this hobby and still occasionally attend these events, however, the hobby of Revolutionary War re-enacting is totally different. Since the formation of our unit, we have found that some do not understand the role of a rifle company or light corps during the AWI, and our current style of dress. For some time there has been a misguided opinion of a Riflemen being totally undisciplined and not required to follow commands of officers. This is not accurate, and our unit does not prescribe to that philosophy. As Capt. Selin was a commissioned officer during the AWI, he was generally in charge of anywhere from 30 to 50 soldiers throughout the war. There is a documented chain of command in his company that include Lieutentants, Sergeants, Corporals and Privates. Capt. Selin and his company were soldiers of the Continental Line and not Militia. We expect members to know the basic's of the manual of arms. We are expected to know how to drill, march, and perform basic manuevers. Our camp is a military one that includes 18th century military protocol and duties.

As our research has shown: from the very beginning of the corps in 1777; We wear, as our main dress for the early war period, our "Coat de Ottendorff", which is a short uniform coat in blue, faced with green, waistcoat, breeches, hard shoes and neck stocks.
One will note that somtimes, for reenacting the later woodland battles of the American Revolution, our men are not always dressed in what would be considered a "uniform" of the Continental Army, but we still strive to have a "uniform appearance" as a Rifle or Light Company would have had. Sometimes they are wearing a course linen pullover shirt dyed a natural color by organic dyes, that ranges in dark green to grey.
Linen breeches and linen or canvas full buttoned gaitors and a dark "small brimmed" military rifleman's hat are part of both our early and later dress.

Some equipment you will not need or should not bring to events would include the following: Slat chairs, capotes, leather coats, caplock rifles, coleman lanterns, tables, "high top" (up to the knees) moccasins. If you wear glasses, we strongly encourage investing in period glasses. A period wedge tent of no more than 6' high is acceptable. Although some of us are prepared to attend events "campaign style", our camp usually includes wedge tents, firepit, ice chest's for food items, and some members use cot's for sleeping. We do require that any 20-21st century items be covered and out of sight during the events. Please understand that it is not our intention to be snobbish or elitest. We are simply trying to maintain an authentic as possible impression of 18th Centuray Military life during the the AWI. If this all appears to be too picky, we respect your feelings, however, you would probably be best served joining another unit.

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