Hope Lodge 2011
As Always Hope Lodge is a great event. Weather is cold & crsip and history is everywhere you take a step! In the Center of 1777's Whitemarsh Encampment!

The people who host the event are exceptional and the public that attend really want to learn! It is just great!
This Year attending were Bob Recher, Willy Baldwin, Jim Filipski, Mike Lear and Larry Gorecki, Commanding

Thank You Willy for the fine photos.

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HopeLodge-009.jpg HopeLodge-010.jpg HopeLodge-011.jpg HopeLodge-013.jpg
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HopeLodge-014.jpg HopeLodge-015.jpg HopeLodge-016.jpg HopeLodge-017.jpg
HopeLodge-018 HopeLodge-019 HopeLodge-020 HopeLodge-021
HopeLodge-018.jpg HopeLodge-019.jpg HopeLodge-020.jpg HopeLodge-021.jpg

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