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2012 Photo Galleries

Guarding the Liberty Bell

2011 Photo Galleries

Escape from Wyoming 2011

Hope Lodge - White Marsh Encampment 2011

2010 Photo Galleries

Maytown, PA. 250th Anniversary Celebrations

Battle of Monmouth June 2010

Escape from Wyoming July 2010

Battle of Newtown Aug 2010

The Philadelphia Campaign...
Brandywine Creek September 2010

Williamsburg Event Oct 2010

White Marsh encampment - Hope Lodge 2010

2009 Photo Galleries

Monmouth June 2009

Battle of Wyoming July 2009

The 230th Anniversary of The Battle of Newtown

Rockford Plantation September 2009

Gelston Castle, NY September 2009

Hope Lodge White Marsh Encampment 2009

2008 Photo Galleries

Battle At Boone's

Monmouth 230th Anniversary Part 1

Monmouth 230th Anniversary Part 2

230th Anniversary of the Battle of Wyoming

Battle of Newtown 2008

2007 Photo Galleries

School of the Soldier 2007

Battle of Bordentown June 9th & 10th 2007

Battle of Monmouth June 2007

Ft. Delaware July 2007

Battle of Newtown August 2007

Battle of Brandywine 230th September 2007

Continental Line's 20th Anniversary,
Mt. Vernon Sept 2007

Rockford Plantation October 2007

Rockford Plantation General Hand's Estate

White Marsh Encampment 230th

2006 Photo Galleries

March 27th 2006 Cub Scouts Presentation

War In Schohary    May 6th &7th 2006

School of the Soldier 2006

Battle of Monmouth 2006

The Grand Reconnaissance
White Plains NY 225th

Battle of Newtown 2006

Battle of Brandywine 2006

225th Anniversary of Yorktown

2005 Galleries

May 14th 2005 School of the Soldier

June 18th & 19th 2005 227th Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth

July 16th & 17th 2005 Fort Delaware

August 13th & 14th 2005 Old Mill Village Museum

August 27th & 28th 2005 Battle of Newtown

October 8th & 9th 2005 Whitpain

2004 Galleries

The 225th Anniversary of The Battle of Newtown

The 225th Anniversary of the Groveland Ambuscade

Old Mill Village Museum 18th Century Weekend 2004

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