Ft Delaware July 2007
Ft Delaware's event held in July 2007 was lightly attendend by our unit. At first the numbers looked real good but as the event drew near we had a number drop out the week before the event. We were guests of the 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment and helped them by playing their foe ( Captain Phillips Loyal Forresters) Since there was only three of us from our unit we recruited some mounted Dragoons: Hugh Francis, John Catafumo, and Nicole Smith to help us out.
I got to man my 1/2 Pdr Swivel gun "Ginger" which made some fine work (not to mention noise) in the battle. Although we were only there for one day we had a great time. We almost captured the fort, which required closing the rear gate (locking the rebel militia outside the walls) HOWEVER a certain dragoon closed the front gate effectively trapping the loyalist inside as the rebels piled into the rear gate!!!

Men at Arms in attendance:
Captain MacPhillips
Pvts: Rick Valent & Bill Baldwin

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Jim with "Ginger" Jamie MacPhillips 03.jpg Waiting for battle
05 06 07 08
Hugh John- Art Nicole Rebel surprised on post
24th Conn Militia Men at Arms

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