Fort Delaware Event July 16th & 17th 2005

We attended this event as guests of the 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment and I am happy to say we had a pretty good showing of our unit for this relaxing event. The weather was very hot but most of the public stuck it out to see each days battle. It is always nice to garrison this Fort on a weekend. Also we got to bring out "Somme Beau" and fire during the battles.
Anytime we get to do that it is a great event!
We like to thank the 24th for their hospitality. It isn't every event we get to have real meals prepared on a schedule!
I hope our members had some time to relax and enjoy the place.

Soldiers present for duty: Brian Plyter, Jim Filipski, Dave Fancher, Patrick McHugh, Rick Valent, Chuck Harris,
Steve Collward / Sgt.

01-Selin's_Com'y_Sunday 02-The_Fort 03-Friday_Evening 04-Raising_the_Colors
Selin's_Com'y_Sunday The_Fort Friday_Evening Raising_the_Colors
05-The_Camp_from_the_Fort 06-More_of_the_Camp 07-From_the_Kitchen 08-Relaxing
The_Camp_from_the_Fort More_of_the_Camp From_the_Kitchen Relaxing
09-In_the_Fort 10-Inside_the_Fort 11-SommeBeau_is Prepa#0011 12-The_First_Shot
In_the_Fort Inside_the_Fort SommeBeau_is Prepared The_First_Shot
13-Cannonade_underway 14-moving_closer 15-Rushing_the_Gates 16- Rushing_the_Gates
Cannonade_underway Moving_Closer Rushing_the Gates Rushing_the_Gates
17-Taking_the_Fort 18-Devine_Services 19-Company_with_Lil'_Chuck Back to Captain Selin's
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Taking_the_Fort Devine_Services Company_with_Lil'_Chuck

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