Selin's Independent Company of the Continental Line

Regulations for active members;
for dress and accoutrements,
in battle and in camp.

Selin's Independent Company's duties on the field of battle can range from reconnaissance, scouting, rifle skirmishing, and line tactics. The company is always to be well disciplined and follows the orders of its superiors and Field Commanders when on the Battlefield.
Its members work in teams and the whole of the company fights intact unless the situation or orders warrant different. As such the members of the Company are required to maintain a certain look of uniformity that maintains our identity on the field. The rules of dress are to be conformed to under all situations unless the member as had prior dispensation and only through a vote of the majority of the members present at said time.
Under no circumstances is a member of Selin's Independent Company to dress contrary to regulation during an event. We do not employ our unit as a rag tag rabble. The term "Independent" is a military concept not a state of mind!
Our Company and Corps, was lead by European Officers in the AWI and would have had good discipline as the rule.
We strive to attain this higher degree of conformity and discipline other then what maybe considered standard for a woodland / rifleman fighting force. Members must not replicate native woodland dress or patterns. We are American soldiers with European Commanders. When we were first sent to battle in the Spring of 1777 we resembled Hessian Jaegers in dress and in deployment much different then the typical American Riflemen. This was most notable when coming up against our Hessian's and Jaeger's enemy in the Jersey Campaigns of 1777. By the Winter of 1778 through 1780 we were deployed more on the frontiers of PA & NY and our enemy was the Tory and Native opponents.

As Selin's has been referred to as an "Independent Company" this term has been linked to "partisan" or "free corps". This was a European military concept in the mid 18th century.
These were usually small bodies of light troops under separate command working more or less independently for the purpose of reconnaissance, securing the march of the main army, or for attacking hostile posts and convoys.
At many events we are required to carry out these duties and others, such as scouting, skirmishing, and occasionally line tactics. We usually attempt to work in tteams, who in turn, support the entire unit, unless the situation or orders warrant another course of action.
Because of these requirements it is essential that a soldier in our unit has the proper clothing to help in such assignments.

New members have one season to comply with the dress code. the new recruits are to observe the other members in the manor of dress and ask questions and / or ask for help so that they be properly attired as soon as possible. If in doubt, please ask. Do not waste your money by guessing at something. We are here to help. We can provide our recruits with patterns and suppliers names who have the proper items.

First season clothing requirements for a recruit in Captain Selin?s Company:
Rifleman hat properly trimmed
Leather Waist belt with 18th century buckle
Full Gaitors
Black leather garters
good wool socks
18th C Shoes or Centerseam Moccs
Proper eyewear
Second Season goals:
Military Small Clothes (common shirt, black neckstock, military waistcoat, military breeches)
18th Century shoes ( if you only have moccs)
Third Season goals
Regimental Coat
Please contact us for a full list of clothing requirements as specified in our

"Company Clothing Warrents"

A brief list of accoutrements required:

Canteen, Shot pouch and horn or a cartridge box, Haversak, Belt axe or tomahawk, well secured and blade covered.

In the shot pouch,cartridge box or haversack there should be the tools and accoutrements and extra flints to maintain your firelock during a battle.

Firelocks; we encourage all members to try to obtain a longrifle in good order. The Majority of our members are Riflemen portraying the Rifle detachment of Captain Selin's Independent Company, even though many times we fight as line forces or light infantry.
Recently we have had a few members with Brown Bess muskets. This has been taken into consideration and has been allowed with the understanding that in the near future it will be exchanged for a rifle gun or as we get additional members as such they could possibly be used to portray the Light Infantry part of Selin's Independent Company of Foot.
Please note that members carrying muskets may be deployed differently then the rifles.
We wish not to see fusils and fowlers or such arms as may have been brought by soldiers reporting for militia duty. We are not Militia.

We believe that the proper representaion of the longrifle is necessary. NO store bought or off the shelf rifles meets our sppecifications! A few semi custom rifles also do not meet these requirements. We recommend only semi custom or custom Pennsylvania longrifles and only consider these proper firelocks of the period. These guns are expensive. Joining our Rifle Company is not an inexpensive way to get into the hobby. A mustket of proper style is a lot cheaper then a new proper style rifle. However within the first year of joining we usually can obtain a new recruit a semi or full custom longrifle fitting to the period for a similar price.

The total look of a soldier in Selin's Company will be one of a well contained, tidy fighting man capable of handing himself and his firelock when in the field and under stress, still listening and obeying his officers and being able to move quickly and quietly without the fear of loosing his accoutrements during a battle.

Miscellaneous items

At the minimum- you should purchase for you mess kit, one or two tin cups ( one large,one small) which you will carry in your haversack. These will be your drinking, cooking, and eating vessels. Also advisable would be a simple fork ( twisted wire) wooden spoon and a small knife.

A proper wedge tent no higher ten 6 foot in height of the period 1750 to 1780 should be considered for your personal comfort and security when at an encampment. Also a good quality wool blanket is advised.
Also during the colder times of the year it would be advisable to obtain a woolen over or under garment which could be layered such as a woolen shirt, sleeved waistcoat or greatcoat. Please check with the officers before considering any purchase.

Facial Hair: Those that wear beards, mustaches and other forms of facial hair will "Highly Encouraged" to shave clean or reduce their growth to 3 day maximum for events. We ask this to complete the accurate presentation of the American Revolutionary War soldier ( references to "beards" in America during this time period was the state of being between shaving and not for a deliberate or shaped growth as we think & know of it today)

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