The following photos show a soldier in the Rifle Unit of Captain Selin's Independent Company of Foot. In a new recruit's probationary period, he is expected to achieve this look within the first year.
You will note the harmony of tonalities and lack of stark contrasts: that is the look of our riflemen.
Many times we are called upon to perform excursions into hostile territory and as common sense would let one see, a flambouyant or starkly contrasting or bright form of dress would be detrimental to the mission and the security of the group as a whole.
Since pictures are worth a thousand words we will let these speak for themselves. If a member has a particular question, please

Please note that in many events some of our non-regular members choose to take part and go on the field with us. You too, must try to comply with our dress code for these events or you "will be told" what is not to be taken on the field with you. Alternately, if you wish, we could just release you to the Indian Department. They should make quick use of you in the evenings, on a fine fire stake!

Steve wears a round hat on his head with the back brim flipped up. He wears his silk neckcloth aound his neck, the standard pullover box-style rifle shirt. At his left side is his haversak, canteen, and small hatchet. On his right side is his pouch and horn. He wears a woven sash of muted colors about his waist and his longknife rides on the front left in his sash. He wears breeches and long buttoned canvas / linen gators as leggings. On his feet are 18th C style military shoes with lace ties.

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