Battle of Brandywine, Sept 2007
Brandywine's 230th Anniversary event was held on September 8th & 9th 2007, and as always, it was a real pleasure to be there again. There are a few special battlefields that just make me feel as I need to be there! Brandywine is one and Monmouth is another. Just standing on the land is very special. I just wish all of our unit could attend an event here.
Due to an alternate event up north in NY which was the Boyd Massacre, part of the Sullivan Campaign in 1779 Steve Collward and Dave Fancher represented us at that event so we missed their company.
We attended as Captain Selin's Company / Comp'y #2 of Ottendorff's Corps. During the original battle in 1777 Ottendorff's Corps was commanded by Charles Armand.
The weather was hot but beautiful. However the heat played a part in a very light turn out for the "after public hours battle" on Saturday. Both Public scenarios were very good and we did a lot of hard fighting. The heat definitely played a part in my second platoon of the rifle Corps taking over 80% casualties on Saturdays battle. We don't even have to mention the fun we had in camp especially in the evenings. I can almost remember being in the British camp on Saturday night singing with the 22nd Regt of Foot. I remember a table breaking then it was Sunday morning! I must have been held captive, no doubt!
A big thank you to Michael Harris for what he has done to make this event great.

Men at Arms in attendance:
1st Lieutenant, Rifle Corps, Jim Filipski
NCO: Sgt. Rick Valent
Pvts: Bill Baldwin, John Malachowsky, Bob Recher.
Volunteers: Ron Tarburton
Camp followers: Pat Malachowsky and Diane Recher
(& Dawg)

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Friday Supper Master chef Rick Table Fare Bill waiting for the "eats"
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Happy to be there Bill and Dawg share a nap Rifle Corps Our Men at arms
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Rick, Diane & Pat Diane , Pat & Dawg Kitchen Fly Diane, Bob & Dawg
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Bill & Jim Tea Time Saturday's Foe Lots of Red Continentals

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