The Guarding Of The Liberty Bell, June 30th & July 1st 2012
Sponsored by Ottendorff's Corps
at the Rising Sun Inn

On the weekend of June 30th and July1st, 2012 the men and women of Ottendorff’s Corps
were the host unit for a new and exciting Revolutionary event held on the property of the Rising Sun Inn
located in Telford Pennsylvania. Built in 1739 along the East branch of the Perkiomen Creek by Peter Gerhart.
The inn provided travelers a rest stop where a night’s sleep and a hot meal
along with a mug of ale or a cup on rum could be had for a fair price.

 During the British Campaign of 1777, commonly known as the Philadelphia Campaign,
the Continental Congress was  forced to flee to Lancaster and then to the city of York to escape
the oncoming occupation of the Colonial Capital by the British Army under General Howe.
Prior to the British occupation; wise men decided to remove the State House Bell along with others
in the area to prevent the British from taking them and sending them to be melted into cannon. 
The State House Bell is the very same bell that is today known as the Liberty Bell.

This bell along with Continental Army supplies and some wounded soldiers is said to have stopped at this inn
as the bell was being moved by wagon from Philadelphia to Northampton, known today as Allentown,
where the bell was hidden under the floor of a church for safe keeping.

A representation of that body of American soldiers marching with the bell took place on Saturday morning
with the crated bell tied down to a large horse drawn wagon.
Soldiers from the 5th Pennsylvania Lights, 24th Connecticut Militia, Pennsylvania State Navy
and the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment along with Benjamin Newton and his fine cannon
joined Ottendorff’s Corps in the protection of that wagon and its’ important contents.

Various programs took place for the benefit of educating the public on the Revolutionary time period.
Rifle and musket firing and target practice, cannon and swivel gun firings,
displays of equipment carried by Ottendorff’s men, Children’s musket drill and a
Saturday night Candle light camp tour along with several other programs
were carried out throughout the very hot two day event.

Both days temperatures reached above 100 degrees with excessive high humidity.
Despite these conditions the troops stayed their course and performed their duties admirably. 
A camp was set up near the Perkiomen as a base for the event.
The inn keeper, Fred Derr was our gracious host and supplied the troops with two wonderful meals
along with being quite cooperative in the hosting of this event. 
Ottendorff’s Corps also wishes to thank Jeanne Fox for all her efforts and the wonderful photos
that her husband Rick Fox took of this event.
Rick's photos along with photos by Erika Haldeman, Linda Fisher and Nicole Lee Smith
can be viewed in the gallries below

Below you will find a link to each of their photo galleries of this event!

Rich Fox Gallery Erika Haldeman Gallery Linda Fisher Gallery Nicole Smith Gallery

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