Battle of Bordentown
6/ 9th -10th /07

What can I say: Bordentown was a "BIG" event...and at Big events there is way too much to do & see. All officers and NCOs were kept plenty busy. We got to do a lot of drilling on Saturday morning and I know we all learned some new deployment procedures.

The true crowning glory of the event for the rifle corps was a surprise early morning attack on the British camp which caused so much commotion that within an hour both sides were fully engaged. Any time the Rifle Corps can get the British Camp to "beat to quarters" is a very good day indeed!!! Two of our riflemen infiltrated the camp and one ( Sgt. Joe Harding ) killed a well known British Captain and took a British General prisoner . Our other (Corpl. Rick Valent) was captured but was quickly paroled ( hence the photos of the Brits deployment of their artillery). All in all a truly super event!

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